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The Church Windows

South chancel lancets:- 2 very good grizaille with a floral design.

The East Window - is dedicated to Mary Pickering who died in 1918. It has three lights and a quatrefoil. Set against quarries of clear glass, decorated with a vine motif in silver stain and within shafting and relatively simple canopies of masonry and with a vine motif, are in the middle, Christ the King with a panel of the Crucifixion below and, on leaf-decorated brackets, SS. Thomas-left and Kentigern-right. In the central light Christ stands on a cloud of glory and against a rainbow decorated with a star motif and yellow banding. He is crowned and holds an orb while He hold His hand in blessing. He wears a red garment with black decorations and over it a cope of white with gold edging decorated with gold vine motif edging. He also has a red crucifiorm halo. He is placed against a very good, diapered, blue ground. Below this figure is a panel showing Christ on the cross with Mary and St. John. They are placed against a background of green trees, grass and flowers with a Middle Eastern townscape behind. In the left-handed light, under two angels on top of the canopy bearing a scroll with 'St. Thomas' on it, and against a blue diaper-work, St. Thomas stands in while with cloak of red, bearded and in sandals and holding a spear. He is placed on grass and vegetation. To the right, similarly placed, stands St. Kentigern with a simple mitre, in vestments of beautiful decorated, white, red and yellow and wearing a pallium. He is holding a crook and has a fish suspended from his hand.The reason he is here is presumably that he founded the monastery of st. Asaph after he was driven out of Strathclyde, where he had been the elected Bishop of Glasgow c.543.

The tracery comprises a roundel surrounded by a quatrefoil. In the roundel a Dove of the Holy Spirit descends against a red background and golden rays of light; in the four leaves of the quatrefoil are golden angels' heads and wings against a blue ground. This window shows some excellent draughtsmanship, exquisite faces, beautiful diaper-work, good grizaille and a delicately wrought panel but we do not know who designed and made it.

The West Window - Erected in 1972 and designed by Celtic Studios in Swansea, has two lancets and a cinquefoil. The left-hand one is dedicated to Samuel Price and his wife, Margaret Alberta, who died respectively in 1951 & 1969 and it was donated by their son, Eric Price. it depicts, beneath the simple roof of a manger, the Virgin Mary in a deep blue garment with the Christ-child in her lap, as Joseph looks down on them. He is is dressed in deep red, has a golden halo and is holding a staff and a lamp. Beneath it is a panel showing the Adoration of the Kings. The right-hand light was given by their daughter Molly in memory of Thomas Henry Jackson and his wife Anne, who died in 1951 & 1970. This shows Christ in yellow with blue halo appearing before Mary Magdalene who is dressed in blue and holds her hands clasped before her. In the background are trees and a Middle Eastern town-scape. These windows look like the work of either Bryn Evans or John Edwards.

Beneath it is a panel depicting Christ with his stigmata showing Himself to a kneeling St. Thomas, against archading. There is a similar Gethsemane design in Llanfair, Cwmgors. The cinquefoil depicts Christ in Glory against a background of depp blue. He is seated on a golden throne, bearded and with the stigmata showing on His hands. He has on a golden crown, carries a sceptre, and is dressed in red with gold facings. His right hand is extended towards an adjacent angel; there are two of them in green and purple with red and blue wings, their hands held in prayer. Rays of light shine out into the highly faceted glass. This part of the design was probably done by Howard Martin, the founder of the Swansea stained glass tradition and of the world-famous course in this medium in Swansea.

The Vestry Window - is a quatrefoil of clear glass with inset, a leaded panel of deep blue glass with a delicate floral design of hanging flowers. It was dedicated to Thomas Edward Potts 1925-1990, the dedication being at the base of the light in upper case. The designer is Penny Jones. She has put a copyright mark on the design and her qualifications: BA (Hons) Dip D BSM GP and a mark, a shield Gules three garbs or.